Computer professionals must have good reasoning and logical problem solving talents, be observant, alert to detail and tenacious in pursuing issues to completion. Molly Suver came to the UO searching for an schooling that will enable her numerous room for academic exploration and cross-fertilization of ideas. She loves the CIS program as a result of its base in idea allows for interdisciplinary research. Don’t be afraid to take classes that do not exactly suit your main,” Molly recommends. Her work with Professor Steve Fickas produces hardware and software to assist the cognitively impaired in speaking and rising regular motor expertise, but Molly has additionally worked on video games for the Xbox 360 with the Sport Growth Club. She even took second place in an undergraduate programming competition. What Molly didn’t need out of her training was an aggressively competitive setting. She gets that on the sector main Fugue , the UO’s nationally-ranked girls’s Final Frisbee club.