The Computer Technology (CT) program has been developed to offer training in the principles underlying the design of modern pc systems. Job alternatives for network and computer system administrators will grow by 23{9317d0ca0a939a8739a8dca305db49a1d4826f836289ad027e9a6be04214d43a}. A fifty three{9317d0ca0a939a8739a8dca305db49a1d4826f836289ad027e9a6be04214d43a} progress is projected for network methods and knowledge communications analysts. Jobs for database administrators will increase by 20{9317d0ca0a939a8739a8dca305db49a1d4826f836289ad027e9a6be04214d43a} and for computer assist specialists by 14{9317d0ca0a939a8739a8dca305db49a1d4826f836289ad027e9a6be04214d43a}. Every summer UO hosts the Programming Languages Summer College, an international gathering of students, professors, and trade professionals who come together to learn about the software of strategies in language concept.